Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are Blacks being set up to be scapegoated if they don't turn out to vote during midterms?

  A week after the controversy over the Obama administration’s decision to invite Black bloggers and Black media to a summit at the White House, the administration is not backing down from critics saying the White House is pandering for the Black vote.

In fact, The Root reports the administration has defended the summit and its outreach effort.  No surprise because the summit was not a secret.  It was even reported on the White House Blog the day after the event and before all of the hullabaloo over it taking place in the first place.

And as a further, IN YOUR FACE, reply, the DNC announced that it is spending an unprecedented $3 MILLION dollars in radio, print and online ads to get the  get out the vote message out.
This week, the President can be heard in a campaign that is airing nationwide on Black radio and is essentially Obama asking voters to stand with him and VOTE. It complements billboards like the one above that is strategically located in an all black urban town not far from my home.

The fact remains many of Obama’s supporters, including the youth and Blacks, would not ordinarily be inclined to vote during the midterm elections, and traditionally don’t.

To further complicate matters,  it is hard to predict whether the effort will work or not because as is well known and as PEW research Center and Nielsen media reports have shown, Blacks and Hispanics are high users of mobile phone devices and more likely to have canceled landline phone and use mobile phones exclusively.  Pollsters traditionally and historically do NOT poll mobile phone users, therefore the story and numbers behind election polls are not complete or entirely accurate.

Notwithstanding all of that,  the prospect that the Dems could make a surprise upset is not sitting well with some folks.  Apparently, the effort is incensing those who do not like the fact that the Black and Hispanic vote is becoming more and more critical for the  Dems  attempt to suppress the predicted sweep by the GOP in the House.....Read more at

All of this begs the question which my co-host Shanon Murray and I will discuss on Right of Black this Thursday at 9pm ET!

To what extent are Blacks and Latino voters being set up to be scapegoated should they not turn out sufficiently to stave off the predicted GOP sweep?

Inquiring minds want to know…

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